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My new book is Between a Mother and Her Child, and it's out now. It's the story of Maggie and Bill and how they and their family are disintegrating in the face of the relentless grief caused by the death of their eldest child, Jake, who has been killed travelling as a gap year student. As a mother myself, I found parts of it incredibly difficult to write getting inside Maggie's head and trying to imagine how it would feel made dozens of writing days sad and weepy, and resulted in a great deal of fierce cuddling of my own somewhat confused daughters when they came home from school, whilst muttering 'no gap year for you, sweetheart' over their precious heads.

The strain Jake's death has placed on his parents, as well as his teenage sister, Aly, and his younger brother Stan, is proving unbearable and their life is unraveling.

Elizabeth talks about
Between a Mother and her Child

Into this maelstrom of unhappiness comes Kate, who answers a classified ad Maggie's sister Liv has placed for a housekeeper. A woman with her own secrets and sadnesses, which have left her desperate to fix someone else, Kate falls hard for the broken family she finds, and her mission seems clear to her.

So the book is about a part of their journey. (This is a bit of an overused phrase now that everyone on Dancing on Ice and the X Factor is saying it every week, but I really feel that this is what happens to the family). A journey towards a new life...

It seems weird to say I hope you enjoy it, when I've just told you how sad it is, but I do...


Between a Mother and Her Child, Elizabeth's brand new novel, is out now, and we've got exclusive video footage and extracts for you to delve a little deeper into this latest treat of a read. As if that wasn't enough, check out our friends section to read up on the latest skincare tips from our friends at Dermalogica, to make sure you feel truly pampered.